Chris Sarlo

Chris Sarlo

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with numbers. I took finance and economics while attending university and I started my career in financial services by working at a small credit union while still in school. In 1998, I graduated from McMaster University in Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce with an Economics minor and immediately began working for one of the national banks there.

My passion for finance resulted in quickly moving up the ranks within the bank and I took the necessary courses to become accredited as a Financial Advisor by the age of 24. It was definitely challenging convincing clients to trust their life savings with a kid, but my focus, service and growing knowledge allowed me to build one of the most successful practices within the bank.

When I speak with people about why I started Life Science Wealth and why I have a passion for helping professionals in this field, the answer is simple. My father Albert is my mentor and idol, and I almost lost him at a young age due to cardiac issues. He is still with us today due to the work and advancements made by professionals within the life sciences. My talents lie in wealth management, not sciences, and I find it extremely motivating and satisfying to take the weight of financial decisions off industry professionals so that they can do what they do best and concentrate of scientific advancement. In doing so, I feel that I am doing my small part in helping make sure that someone else's mentor and loved ones will continue to be with them for years to come.

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Gregory L. Paetow

As the Business Development Manager of Life Science Wealth, I am taking on responsibilities of developing and advancing the next phase of growth for the company. As I have said many times in my professional career, “this is not a sprint…it is a journey!” I am bringing over 25 years of Sales/Business Development, Operations, and Leadership in support of the advancement of Life Science Wealth’s journey and vision.

With my transition into the Life Sciences, I have become exposed to yet another industry that is ever evolving and impacting our daily lives. The advancements being made across the Life Sciences and the science itself is changing the way we live. Prior to joining Life Science Wealth, I spent the past 10 years in two industry markets and roles that position me well for this next phase of my career. Most recently, I spent the last 2 years with the AZZUR Group, an FDA Regulatory and Compliance consulting firm centered around the Life Sciences. My exposure to the Life Sciences here in the Mid-Atlantic/Capital Region gives me a good launching point in positioning Life Science Wealth to the many great up and coming companies that have roots here in the DMV.

When people ask me what drives me? What motivates me? What am I passionate about? | have one consistent answer. The people. Spending time with people and working with people from all walks of life and hearing their unique and personal life stories is what I have enjoyed most throughout my professional career. Being a part of Life Science Wealth allows me to continue this path. If I can be a part of something that truly impacts people’s lives the way Life Science Wealth does, well I would say “sign me up!” I will use my energy and passions to show how LSW designs roadmaps to help others find that personal balance between Life, Science and Wealth.

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